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Hobelt Opals p/l has been in operation for over twenty years. We manage the entire process of producing Opals:


- mining in outback Queensland,

- cutting,

- polishing.                                     


We focus on the supply of high quality opals. Our consistent supply of premium quality returns to us on-going trust and return business from our customers. Over the last twenty years we have built a strong customer base in Europe. By offering our opals “from the mine to the customers”. We re able to offer superior value to our clients. The Hobelt Opal Company is run by Karl-Heinz Höbelt who migrated in the early eighties from Germany to Australia. From humble beginnings we now pride ourselves in providing extensive expertise and to export high quality opals to the world. 


Opal mining & wholesale

Producer of:

Black Opal

Crystal Opal

Boulder Opal

Yowah Nuts


Collector Pieces


Rough Material

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